September 4, 2012– To Be or Not To Be 2.0

March 1, 2010– some recent press is also here at our Studio Blog.

August 27, 2007– News Becomes Art in Times Tower

August 15, 2007– San Jose Semaphore atop Adobe Building Solved: It is a Novel

August 4, 2007– Listening Post Brings the Internet Into View

January 31, 2007– Media Artist Ben Rubin Explores the Interaction Between Light, Sound, and Symbol

December 31, 2006– The Year in Arts and Entertainment

August 8, 2006– Artists Mine Internet Forums to Catch Musical Essence of Chat

June 2006– LivingSkins

May 13, 2006– New Central Library Elevators Are Enlightening

February 2006– Artecontexto

March 2005– 4dspace: Interactive Architecture

October–December 2003 – The Machine Speaks the World’s Thoughts by Margot Bouman, Parachute – Automata

May 2003 – Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin by Peter Eleey, Frieze – Reviews

March 12, 2003 – Connected Age Needs Art and Science by Len Ellis, – ClickZ – The Global Agency

March 3, 2003 – Orange and White by Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker – Talk of the Town

March 2003 – Listening Post: On-line Fora as Art by Jill Franklin, Linux Journal – Up Front + Fun

February 22, 2003 – Whitney’s ‘Listening Post’ a Fly on Chat-Room Walls by Jad Abumrad, National Public Radio – Weekend Edition. Link to hear the show segment (6min 20sec) RealOne Player Stream or Windows Media Player

February 21, 2003 – Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin ‘Listening Post’ by Roberta Smith, New York Times – Art in Review (Requires free membership to the NY Times web site.)

February 14, 2003 – Poised Between Old and New by Eric Gibson, The Wall Street Journal – View/The Gallery
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January 22, 2003 – Exhibit Brings the Internet to Life by Adam Balkin, NY1 Living – Technology Top Story Interview of Debra Singer, curator of the Listening Post installation at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

November 21, 2002 – High-Tech Art by David Schmader, The Stranger – The Stranger Suggests. Download PDF document 0.4Mb

November 21, 2002 – Classical & Jazz: Two Sound Installations by Christopher DeLaurenti, The Stranger – Music: The Score. Download PDF document 0.2Mb

November 20, 2002 – The Listening Post by Steve Weicking, The Seattle Weekly – Visual Arts. Download PDF document 0.4Mb
November 18, 2002 – Listening Post Gives Bits, Bytes the Sound of Music by Melanie McFarland, Pop Fizz – The Seattle Times

July, 2002 – Sound + Vision by Christopher Hawthorne, Metropolis Magazine

January, 2002 – New Art New Artists Philip Noble on Ben Rubin, Art Forum International

December 10, 2001 – Making an Opera From Cyberspace’s Tower of Babel by Matthew Mirapaul, New York Times. An article about the Listening Post.

July/August, 2000 – Critics Picks (Brasserie), I.D. Magazine

April, 1996 – “Twitch”by Andrea Moed editorial on the Audible Runway for DKNY, Metropolis Magazine

February 19, 1996 – Audible Runway for DKNY in The New York Observer

Soundplay Installation
“Ben Rubin’s [installation] is conducive to creative play that heightens the senses, lifts the spirits, and quickly turns [the visitor] into the performer of experimental choreography that creates rather than follows a score…Ben Rubin’s interactive installation is one of the most exhilarating of the 12 works in [this] unusual and entirely involving exhibition of sound-based art.” – Calgary Herald, August 14, 1993

Golem “…Golem [was] the most dazzling new multimedia piece of the festival. A labyrinth of live music with interactive computer system, projections, and film footage, ‘Golem’ spins off the theme of a soulless life-force and the threat of technology taking over in the age of virtual reality…” – The Independent, London, June 2, 1994

“A major technical coup…an unforgettable sound and visual scape.” – CODA Magazine, July, 1994

“Enchanting and hypnotic; leaves one shaken and moved.” – Jazz in Time, September, 1994

“Projections…transported us to another dimension.” – The Wire, Toronto, September, 1994